TipOne® is turning 20

2.5x around the globe All produced TipOne® tips put in a row
48 Tips used every second!
17 Billion TipOne® pipette tips produced since 1998
TipOne®, the fabulous STARLAB pipette tip, is turning 20! We think that this is the perfect occasion to celebrate together with all of the partners and customers that helped TipOne® to become a successful and trusted brand. Let us take you back to the 90s – when it all started.
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Sound of ’98

Spotify Playlist Code Want to listen on your Smartphone? Just go to the Spotify app, Open the ”Search” Tab and hit the camera icon in the top right corner to scan the Spotify Code.
We have put together a Spotify playlist – so you can get in the 90s groove with some of the best music from an amazing decade. From Aqua and Spice Girls to Oasis, we have compiled the best sounds to take you back to the 90s.
Use the player on the right or click on the following link, listen up and feel the beat:Click on the link for the best 90s playlist ever: http://bit.ly/TipOne98
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The Tip

One of the leading tips TipOne® pipette tips are well-known and appreciated globally. The tip is the trusted companion of thousands of lab workers every day.
TipOne® is the original refillable, reusable and recyclable pipette tip system.
We listen to our customers‘ feedback and continue to improve the system to provide a product that scientists want, which is why TipOne® is one of the leading tips for research labs today.
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The History

1998 2004 2009 2014 2015 2016 2018
  • TipOne® was first introduced in May 1998. TipOne® tips were the first pipette tips fitting all popular pipettes.
  • The TipOne® system included a convenient refill system from the beginning.
  • TipOne® RPT (Repel Polymer Technology) tips added to the range.
  • In awareness of ongoing automisation in liquid handling, STARLAB introduced TipOne® tips for Tecan liquid handling workstations.
  • STARLAB introduced the ErgoOne® pipette, the perfect pipetting partner for TipOne®.
  • 2013 saw the start of the introduction of our next generation tips. Our newly designed, state of the art pipette tips have flexible thin-wall tip collars for a perfect fit. They are greener too – using up to 50% less material during manufacture.
  • 2014 Following customer feedback, colour-coded wafers were introduced to provide fast, visual identification of tip volume.
  • 2015 Our newly designed modern-looking rack provides stability and is robust enough to be used over and over again. You can see the quality of the perfect rack for yourself!
  • 2015 The new clever refill provided benefits such as an even more compact design, plus all components are now made from easy to recycle polypropylene.
  • 2015 Launch of our unique sterile filter tip refill to the TipOne® system. The new refill provides an economical and eco-friendly alternative to racked filter tips.
  • 2016 saw the introduction of the new TipOne® bags that conveniently stand up on the bench. The zip lock protects your tips for safe, contamination free storage.
  • 2017 The new design Stack Rack is on the horizon. It will still have a wide base for stability but will feature a convenient transparent lid and layers. The new TipOne® system will then be complete.
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